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 Who is JJ Lin Jun Jie -林俊杰???

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PostSubject: Who is JJ Lin Jun Jie -林俊杰???   Wed Apr 07, 2010 12:36 am

JJ - Lin Jun Jie - 林俊杰(Simplified Chinese)

Name 名字
林俊杰, JJ, Wayne

Birthdate 出生日
March 27, 1981

Birthplace 出生地

Occupation 職業
Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Actor

Instruments 樂器專長
Piano, Drums, Guitar, Beat-Box

Record Label 唱片/經濟公司
Ocean Butterflies (2003-Present)

JJ Lin was born in Singapore and graduated from Anglo-Chinese School and Saint Andrew's Junior College before launching his musical career in Taiwan. He is of Hokkien descent. In addition to English, Mandarin and Hokkien, he is also able to speak Cantonese and has released several cover versions of his songs in Cantonese. He came to musical prominence and success in the Greater China region. In Taiwan, he was awarded the "Best New Artist" award in the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.
Signed to Ocean Butterflies, he has written songs for various artists, notably "Remember" (記得 Jì Dé) for Taiwanese singer A-Mei, fellow label mate A-Do's "Let Go" (放手 Fàng Shǒu), Harlem Yu's "What's Wrong With You?" (幹嘛你看不爽我 Gàn Má Nǐ Kàn Bù Shuǎng Wǒ), Comic Boyz's (可米小子) "Heart of Superman" (超人心 Chāo Rén Xīn) and other songs. He writes all the melodies for all of his albums.
Back in Singapore, he was selected to perform the remixed version of "Home", the theme song of the National Day Parade in 2004. His career and notability began to rise in Singapore particularly with the aid of his music being used in television dramas produced by MediaCorp TV Channel 8, the song "The Mummy" (木乃伊 Mù Nǎi Yī) in Zero To Hero 阴差阳错, and his increased public appearances, such as being the guest performer in the finals of Channel U's Project SuperStar and the recent S-POP Hurray!.
After winning the Gold award in the Best New Act category in the 2004 Singapore Hit Awards, he went on to sweep the 2005 edition with four awards to his name, including the Best Local Male Artiste, Best Composing Artiste, Best Male Vocalist and Best Local Music Composition awards, recognizing his talents both in the composition and performance aspects of his music. His fourth album, Cao Cao (曹操 Cáo Cāo), sold 1 million copies in less than a week and sold well in Singapore, Malaysia and throughout Asia.
He has appeared in various different advertisements for companies such as Sprite, Lays and Cornetto Royale.
He is also the tourist ambassador for Singapore. Part of his work schedule involves him traveling around Asia making Singapore known as well as promoting his own works.
He was also involved in an anti-drugs events as an ambassador, in Taiwan 反毒大使 (The Anti-drug Ambassador). The theme song for this event is "Baby Baby", which is from his album, West Side (西界 Xī Jiè).
In July 2007, he broke a Guinness record by signing 3,052 CDs in 2 hours and 30 minutes. During the signing, he was not allowed to drink or eat. The average time for him to sign a CD was 2.7 seconds.
In May 2008, he performed at the CCTV charity event The Giving of Love, dedicated to helping victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. JJ also donated a large sum of money to the rescue efforts and composed a song "Love and Hope" (愛與希望 Aì Yǚ Xī Wàng) commemorating the tragedy.
In Oct 2008, his sixth album, Sixology (陸 Liù) was released. 280,000 copies of the album were sold in seven days.
His very own fashion line, SMUDGE, has been opened in Singapore during 2008 Christmas, it was an unofficial launch. The official launch was on 13 March 2009, Friday 13th. For more information on SMUDGE you can visit www.smudgestore.com.
In May 2009, he was a big winner at the 14th annual Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (Compass) Awards Presentations. He swept three awards at the ceremony, which honours those in the music scene here. It was held at the Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore. He has clinched one of the biggest prizes, the Top Local Artiste of the Year award, which is given out to Singaporean artistes who generated the highest royalty earnings for the year.
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Who is JJ Lin Jun Jie -林俊杰???
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